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The staff is the finest and most concerned for the welfare of the people in the apartment complex.” 

-Irving Fierstein




  Barbara Portman: “Convenient and located on a

  beautiful residential neighborhood. Apartments

  comfortable and cheery, the building is well maintained

  with much attention to the grounds seasonally. Most

  important, a caring and helpful management staff at all

  levels. I guarantee you will meet good friends and

  neighbors. I did.” 


Hanna Ticotsky:


“I moved in 14 years ago, it was the best move

I ever made. The staff is very nice and helps

as much as possible and the residents are very




Bernice Rosenberg: “Having lived in 4 retirement communities before moving into Canterbury, I have a very good basis for comparison. Each one had its own specialty. Canterbury, at this stage of my life, fulfills all my needs. I am very glad I found it.” 



Irving Fierstein:


“The staff is the finest and most

concerned for the welfare of the

people in the apartment complex.” 




  Ruth Tillotson-Murtha: “I lived in another large

  senior housing community for 2 years and did

  not like it. It was very big and people were not

  sociable or happy.

     Canterbury is another wonderful story. Emily Weil

  our executive director has done a fabulous job in

  hiring the most talented and pleasant people to

work here. I have never been in a company or establishment where the surroundings have been so pleasant.

    The people who live here all get along and are very compatible. Canterbury takes people to lunch, doctor appointments and school programs. You can always go to Emily for help; she is very accommodating. To top it all, Highland Street is a nice location.” 



  Dorothy H. Billington: " I moved to the

  Canterbury because it was the right location for

  me. It was not too far from my relatives, church,

  friends and close enough to walk to a nearby

  pharmacy and busline. Also the Canterbury was

  just the right size for me, not too large, or too small. Everyone knows each other and there is a closeness and a caring atmosphere. Residents at the Canterbury are fortunate to have friendly. helpful, and concerned staff who look out for them. It is quiet at night, and is safe and secure with 24 hour service, which is a plus for me. I moved to the Canterbury because it gave me the privacy I wanted and activities when I want to participate. The Canterbury is resident-focused, with office staff on the weekend for 24-7 coverage. I also don't have to take out my trash, I just leave it at the door. Now that's service! By the way, I drive now, but when the time comes when I can't, The Canterbury has van service to the doctors, grocery store, pharmacy, and to special events. The Canterbury is the right place for me. If you are young or old, the Canterbury is the right place for you. Oh yes, it is a beautiful building in a green and lovely setting on Highland street."